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MotoTec Knockout 60v 1000w Electric Scooter Black

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A Robust, Off-Road, Electric Scooter That's Perfect for Everyday Use and the Commute!

With the MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter, you can make your daily commute more exciting and rip up the pavement in style. This stunning bare bones scooter has enormous air-filled fat tires and plenty of power, which gives it the performance of a big bike without the noise. This reasonably priced electric ride is not a toy but rather aMotoTec Knockout 60v 1000w Electric Scooter Black practical mode of personal transportation that, in comparison to the vast majority of conventional electric bikes currently available on the market, features a larger motor and a larger battery. This is designed for individuals with at least 16 years of riding experience, and it has a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds, which means that adults of a normal body weight can ride it as well.

When you twist the throttle on the MotoTec Knockout Scooter, you can be sure that it will kick dirt and accelerate quickly because it is fitted with a massive electric hub motor that is capable of producing 1,000 watts and massive fat tires. This scooter is suitable for use not only on paved surfaces but also on sidewalks and off-road terrain. When compared to the more expensive electric bikes that are currently available, this electric scooter is more powerful and provides superior performance. Try riding it to work or school so you can experience the thrill of feeling like a rock star. Students, teenagers, and people who enjoy participating in sports are the target demographic for this electric scooter. Always ride this bike in accordance with all of the safety rules, as it is capable of reaching road speeds, and it does so very quickly. The rider is required to wear a helmet at all times, stay within the posted speed limits, and comply with all local traffic regulations.

With the MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter, you'll be able to run errands, cruise the streets, and even have fun riding on the dirt! This scooter comes equipped with massive 18-inch tires that are extra wide, and they do an excellent job of cushioning the ride thanks to their construction. It has a front fork suspension and rear shock absorbers, both of which do an excellent job of cushioning the ride and giving it a good off-road capability. The frame is made of aluminum. You are able to ride it on rough roads and throughout the countryside because it has a sufficient amount of power. The MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter's "horsepower" is significantly higher than that of the vast majority of electric bikes, which is one of the reasons why it is so exciting. This scooter's frame is made of a lightweight but durable metal that provides additional speed and acceleration. As a result of it being electric, it is not only powerful but also very quiet. The MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter has a stunning black theme finish that make this electric scooter a head turner wherever you go.

MotoTec Knockout 60v 1000w Electric Scooter Black

The MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter is the vehicle for you if what you're looking for is a versatile vehicle that can take you through the concrete jungle as well as across vast landscapes. It is a ride that is ideal for commuting, strolling, or making short cruises, and it does so without the typical noise or harsh vibration that one would expect from a vehicle of this type. It has a design that is lower and more stable, and it is powered by an electric drivetrain, which makes it significantly more comfortable to ride than gas-powered bikes. Electric motorcycles or scooters offer a more convenient means of transportation and will get you to your destination more quickly than cars. You frequently have to navigate through the alleys in order to save time on your commute because the roads in the city are rife with unexpected obstacles such as potholes and gridlocked traffic. Therefore, in order to deal with those things, you need an electric ride that is capable and has components of the highest quality.

The MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter is versatile enough to be used not only for recreation but also for commuting to and from work or school. Because it comes with a throttle, you will be able to travel without any difficulty. It has a range of approximately 20 miles, which means that it is an ideal mode of transportation that will not lose its charge while you are using it. Travel in comfort while you explore the city or make your way to the workplace. You can get your hands on a MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter right here at Stryker E Bikes!

If you are looking for a ride that is suitable for use on roads and can be transported easily, the MotoTec Knockout Fat Tire Scooter is an excellent option to consider. It is ideal for older children and adults who are looking for a fun electric ride at a price that is within their budget. This one-of-a-kind scooter has a frame that looks like something out of a lowrider scooter, massive fat tires that are among the largest on the market, and a powertrain that can keep up with those features. This electric scooter is highly recommended for use both for recreational purposes and as a speedy personal mode of transportation to and from work and school. It is also possible to use it to travel to locations within the city or the suburbs.

This is without a doubt one of the most potent electric bikes currently available on the market! This lightweight bike has incredible power and acceleration thanks to the MotoTec Knockout Fat Scooter's brushless hub motor, which features a very capable rating of 1,000 watts and operates at a voltage of 60 volts. Because of its blistering top speed of 25 miles per hour, it is significantly faster than the majority of electric bikes. The rear wheel has a hub motor installed in it, which sends the torque to the ground and gives the vehicle a thrilling performance that you will always be able to feel.
Equipped with a set of ape handlebars and a set of alloy metal rims, this beautiful barebone lowrider design is sure to turn heads. It comes standard with massive 18-inch tires that are wide as well as hydraulic disc brakes, both of which contribute to the vehicle's excellent performance on the road. This is designed to provide the rider with a high level of comfort as well as control over the vehicle.

  • The range of the MotoTec Knockout Fat Tire Scooter on a single charge is up to 20 miles, but this number can vary depending on the rider's weight and the typical speed they travel at. It comes equipped with a sizable 12 amp/hour Lead Acid battery pack, giving you the ability to go places and enjoy riding for a number of hours at a time. It takes about four to six hours to fully charge, so if you want to increase your range, you can charge it for an hour or two while you are taking a break on the bike.
  • Experience an unparalleled level of riding comfort. It has a wide deck that makes riding comfortable, tilt-adjustable ape handlebars, a large seat with padding that can accommodate two riders, and a large seating capacity. The lengthy wheelbase of the frame ensures that there will be no wheelies. Because of this, the MotoTec Knockout Scooter is an excellent choice for regular commutes.
  • Because it has a throttle that can be adjusted as well as a set of high-performance hydraulic disc brakes, the MotoTec Knockout E Scooter has the ability to accelerate and stop in a controlled manner. The throttle is simple to operate and enables you to accelerate quickly while driving. A basic readout that displays the current charge of the battery is included with the bicycle.
  • This scooter features a full suspension that includes a front fork in addition to two shock absorbers located on the rear of the vehicle. With a capacity of up to 450 pounds, a heavy-duty hi-tensile steel frame, metal rims, and air-filled all-terrain tires, this bicycle is designed to be used on the road.
  • The MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter is an excellent choice for both recreational use and transportation. It has the look and feel of a real road bike, complete with protective and comforting components. Feel free to use it as your primary mode of transportation or for pleasure rides.

Have a Great Time Riding Around on This Powerful Electric Scooter!

Do you require a reasonably priced electric scooter for your daily commute? The MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter is the product for you if what you're looking for is a rugged electric ride that can take you anywhere. This dashing electric bicycle has the look of a lowrider, with its barebone frame, large ape handlebars, and a set of fat tires. This scooter is the ideal indulgent toy for adults and teenagers who are looking for a ride with minimal hassle. The MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter is a thrilling ride that comes equipped with a brushless hub motor that is rated at 1,000 watts and 60 volts, providing a zippy performance as well as off-roading capability. You won't have to put up with the annoying noise and vibration, as each ride will make you feel happy and relaxed. This electric motorcycle has a top speed of 20 miles per hour and can easily navigate rough terrain, making it a very capable mode of transportation.

MotoTec Knockout 60v 1000w Electric Scooter Black

Do Not Purchase Electric Bikes or Scooters Just Because They Are Cheap or Surplus.

Because so many inexpensive electric bikes are neither dependable nor safe, purchasing one is frequently an exercise in gambling. Because of poor craftsmanship or poorly done electronics, they were not intended to be used for an extended period of time. Some inexpensive electric bicycles do not even have the most fundamental electrical safety features, putting the rider in danger of receiving an electric shock. Additionally, many of the surplus models are unable to climb hills or provide an adequate amount of pedal assistance. They are powered by low-quality batteries, so they can't travel very far.

There is no way for them to be serviced in the event that something goes wrong. You cannot rely on them in any way. Last but not least, the majority of them are awkward to use. Pick a level of performance that is both safe and effective. Choose only brands of electric bikes that have been on the market for a number of years and that have received certifications.

Pick MotoTec: Ride Our Exciting Electric Bikes and Have a Good Time!

If you want to live a more active and environmentally responsible lifestyle, electric bicycles are the way to go. It has been demonstrated that individuals, particularly those who are not physically capable of exercising on their own, are able to achieve levels of physical activity through the use of such vehicles. Driving in the city can be a waste of your limited time and decrease the amount of productivity you achieve. Remember to factor in the price of gas, maintenance, and insurance for your vehicle.


Motor: 1000W Rear Hub Motor
Battery: 60v (Five 12v/12ah SLA Batteries)
Handlebars: Tilt Adjustable
Throttle: Twist
Key: Yes
Top Speed: 25mph
Street Legal with DMV: No
Max Rider Weight: 450 lbs
Recommended Age: 16+ Years Old
Frame: High-tensile steel
Range Per Charge: 15-23 miles in optimum conditions
Charge Time: 4-8 hrs
Front/Rear Tire Size: 225/55-8
Shocks: Front & Rear
LED Headlight: Yes
Brake: Hydraulic Front and Rear
Wheelbase: 51 inches
Seat Height: 28 inches
Box Size: 76x18x36 inches
Box Weight: 200 lbs
Scooter Size: 71x32x45 inches
Scooter Weight: 165 lbs
Warranty: 30 days parts replacement

No California Sales


This product contains one or more chemicals, including lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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        Return Policy by Brands

        Ecotric Return Policy

        Greenbike USA Return Policy

        Qualisports Return Policy

        QuietKat Return Policy

        Rattan Refung Policy

        Revi Bikes Return Policy

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Question: How long are your shipping times?

        Answer:  2-10 business days, If your item is a special order or on backorder it may take longer. We will contact you and let you know if that’s the case.

        Question: How much is shipping?

        Answer: Shipping is free.

        Questions: Which courier will deliver my package?

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        Question: Will I have to assemble my electric bike?

        Answer: All of our e-bikes come 90% assembled and they require very little assembly. We recommend that you get the 10% remaining assembly done by a professional to ensure that your e-bike is properly assembled. It'll literally take 20-30 minutes!

        Question: Where are you located? 

        Answer: We operate out of an office/warehouse in Dallas, Texas.

        Question: Where is my order coming from?

        Answer: We have warehouse locations across the USA where products ship from.

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        Answer: Yes! Please contact us here: Contact Us

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        We work with our suppliers to ensure that they set minimum advertised pricing guidelines for all of our competitors. This means that everyone else selling the same electric bike online is supposed to be selling it at the same price.

        If you find another online store that offers a lower price then us within 30 days of your purchase date please let us know and we will contact the brand to ensure they are not breaking the minimum advertised price policy. If you qualify for a refund, you will be refunded the difference in price to your credit card. 

        To request your partial refund, simply email us a link to the bike on our website and on our competitor's website, within 30 days from the date of your order and we will process the credit accordingly.

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