Aostirmotor Warranty


Warranty Manual






  • AOSTIRMOTOR as an overseas brand was foundedin Atpresent, the US trademark has been registered, the EU trademark is under application.

Various certifications and procedures are complete. Some products have exclusive patents. Our company hopes to use our product development and production advantages to create an overseas brand that can reflect and represent the comprehensive quality of our products, so that global customers can use and share our products, and ultimately love and trust our brand;




  • The establishment of the AOSTIRMOTOR brand project, after a large amount of data research and analysis, determined the market and demand of the "cycling, outdoor, sports, and competitive" industry, and after sufficient preparation, we started the overseas trip; Currently we are based on two channels of B2B trade + Cross-border E-commerce, and adhere to the mission: "make good products, deepen product lines, expand product development advantages, product quality advantages, cultural innovation advantages, technical service advantages, and strive to make brands bigger and"




AOSTIRMOTOR Series of Electric Bicycles support: overseas warehouse storage, distribution agency, technical services, after-sales guidance, return guarantee and other services. (Based on the above service content, but not limited to others)

Service Scope:

Based on global local overseas warehouses, supporting localized integrated services.


United States: 2 shipping warehouses +1 after-sale warehouse Germany: 1 shipping warehouse + 1 after-sale warehouse Spain: 1 shipping warehouse + 1 after-sale warehouse

Russia: 1 shipping warehouse + 1 after-sale warehouse China: Changzhou, Jiangsu




3.1 QC Statement


  • AOSTIRMOTORelectric bicycles are geared towards demanding overseas markets, We have a strong sense of responsibility for quality, and we regard quality as the life of an 
  • Control of raw materials: We choose excellent suppliers, and the main components come from Japan, Taiwan and other top
  • Production process: Before assembling, we will carefully check all components to ensure that damaged or insufficient components will not be used on the bicycle; after the assembly is completed, we will implement a strict re-inspection process.
  • Factory inspection: Each electric bicycle will be strictly inspected before packaging and transportation to ensure that they are satisfactory to
  1. Visualinspection: applique scratches, paint uniformity, welds, rust and dirt in other parts,


  1. Brake: lightly hold the brake (difficulty, one-finger gap) to check whether the hand brakeis

too loose, tighten, or ride test;

  1. Power-assisted mode: Rotate the pedals, listen carefully to see if the motor is started, and check if there is any frictional noise when the rear wheelrotates;


  1. Handlebar: Check whether the speed display of the meter is abnormal, keep the maximum handlebar, and check the upper limit of the maximumspeed;
  2. Cruise: Long press the button to check whether the motor is started, the rear wheelrotates autonomously, and it is commonly used in uphill situations;
  3. Disc brakes: Check whether there is friction with the frame during rotation and abnormal noises. Adjust the distance and parallelism byscrews
  4. Derailleur: Do not use it in a stationary state. In a rotating state, adjust it twice through the transmission. Whether the chain moves smoothly. The transmission has 7-speed and 9-speed.;
  5. Riding: inspect the motor and workingstatus;
  6. Others: record the frame number + battery number, check whether the battery box is installedsmoothly, check whether the chain runs smoothly, and whether the instrument display is normal.
    • Quality training: We will conduct regular training and assessment for employees to improve their awareness of quality responsibility and ensure that everyone strictly controls quality.
    • Quality awareness: We have been working hard to improve product quality, and at the same time attach great importance to customer service. When you place an order, we reserve sufficient parts in different overseas warehouses to solve sudden quality problems in the first time.
    • After-salesservice: All AOSTIRMOTOR electric bicycles you purchase can get our timely and accurate technical support and after-sales service. If necessary, we can also provide training services for your employees. (If you are a corporate buyer).


3.2 Quality Assurance Statement


Please refer to the following comprehensive guarantee:

  • Power system: battery, motor, controller, instrument, within the scope of warranty, free compensation and freeshipping;
  • Structural system: frame, front fork, gear plate, paint finish, to ensure no damage to the factory process andmaterials;
  • Brake system: brake lever, disc brake disc, brake, within the scope of warranty, free compensation and freeshipping;
  • Wheel rim system: rims and tires are guaranteed to be free of damage in terms of factory craftsmanship and materials;


  • Speed system: derailleur, finger shifter, chain, within the scope of warranty, free compensation and freeshipping;
  • Shock absorption system: shock absorption front fork, rear spring shock absorption, to ensure no damage to the ex-factory workmanship andmaterials;
  • Vulnerable parts: such as brake pads, tire etc., which are normal wear parts and are not within the scope of this warranty. Customers need to pay for the purchase and bear the shipping cost.



These guarantees do not apply to

  • Normal wear and tear,failure;
  • Damage or malfunction caused by abuse, neglect, improper repair, improper maintenance, alteration, ormodification;
  • Other improper installation of third-party components, parts, accessories orany unauthorized modification;
  • Batterydamage caused by power surge, improper use of charger, improper maintenance or other improper use, normal wear and tear or water stains;
  • The warranty is only valid in the country/region where the bicycle was purchased. For normal wear and tear, misuse or negligence, improper operation, damage or malfunction caused by various accidents, modification using incompatible parts or accessories, frames, forks or other main components is invalid.



For warranty issues, customers need to bear the labor costs and operating costs of installing the parts, and we will bear the related costs and mailing costs of the parts.


3.3 Quality Assurance Checklist










Power System


12 Months


12 Months


12 Months


12 Months


12 Months


12 Months

Power Sensor

12 Months




Structure System


12 Months


36 Months


12 Months

Middle Axle

12 Months


12 Months

Chaining + Crank

12 Months

Rear Rack

12 Months


Brake System


12 Months

Disc Brake

12 Months

Brake lever

12 Months


Wheel System


12 Months


6 Months


6 Months


Speed System

Gear Shift Lever

12 Months


12 Months


12 Months


12 Months

Shock absorption System

Front suspension

12 Months

Rear suspension

12 Months



Other Parts


6 Months

Tube Clamp

6 Months


6 Months


12 Months


12 Months




  • BasicMaintenance

In order to obtain a safe driving experience, please keep the bicycle in the best riding condition and perform regular maintenance.


4.2 Regular Self-inspection

  • Tighten the front wheel lug nuts, test the tires to rotate and aligncorrectly;
  • Tire pressure, always maintain 30psi;
  • Correctly carry out shiftingoperations;
  • Test the brake system-kinks, bends or excessive tension on the brake pipeline will temporarily damage themotor;
  • Correct operation of the brakingsystem;
  • If you do not use the bicycle for a long time, please ensure that the battery is charged at least once a month to extend its service


4.3 Maintenance and cleaning skills

  • Do not use high-pressure nozzles for cleaning, otherwise water will penetrate and damage the electricalsystem;
  • The dirt on the painted surface should be removed with a non-abrasive cleaner, and then wiped with a drycloth;
  • Lubricate the chain, and always remove all debris, dust and dirt/sand; do not use chemical products that may damage the product on the brakes, brake levers, rims, tires, batteries, controllers, and motors.


4.4 FAQ


  • Can I replace parts or add parts toAOSTIRMOTOR?
  1. If you need to replace parts, please contact your local bicycle expert. If you have any questions about compatibility, please contact AOSTIRMOTOREBIKE;
  2. Adding unapproved parts may invalidate the warranty. The motor and controller can be programmed to work together to perfectly balance the energy load. Adding other parts may conflict with this


  • How to replace the tires after they are wornout?

AOSTIRMOTOR EBIKE rims are standard 26*4.0 and 20*4.0 fat tires, and most bicycle shops provide replacement fat tires.


  • What is the scope of the warranty?
  1. For the original owner, each bicycle is protected by AOSTIRMOTOR warranty against manufacturingdefects;
  2. Damages occurred during transportation are also covered by the warranty.


  • How will we correct your bicycleproblem?
  1. Any components damaged during the warranty period will be replaced, and we will assist you to replace any defective
  2. If our technical team believes that part of the repair work can be solved by a bicycle repair shop near you, we are likely to bear part of the repair


  • What is notincluded?
  1. Items classified as consumables (parts that will wear out over time) are not covered by the warranty;
  2. Tires, inner tubes, brake pads, chains and other parts areconsumables;
  3. Please refer to the "Quality Assurance List" fordetails;
  4. We will guarantee sufficient supply of these parts, so you can buy them directly from




To ensure your safety, please check the following functions before riding:

  • Please test the brake system, throttle and powersystem;
  • Please check that the tire pressure should be 30 psi to ensure smoothriding;
  • Please check the lug nuts of the front wheels, tighten them before riding to prevent them from falling;
  • Please check and ensure that the battery is sufficient to ensure the ridingtime;
  • Please check the adjustment and free operation of the braking system to ensure braking safety;

Please strictly abide by your local traffic rules and legal requirements to ensure safe riding.