What Are Fat Tire Electric Bikes

What Are Fat Tire Electric Bikes

What Are Fat Tire E-Bikes and Who Can Ride Them?

You’ve probably been seeing more and more fat tire electric bikes and wondered what the advantages are of having fat tires on your e-bike.  This guide will walk you through what fat tire e bikes are and who would benefit from owning one.

What Is A Fat Tire Electric Bike

Fat tire electric bikes are exactly that.  An electric bike with very obvious fat tires instead of the normal bicycle tire.  The tires are usually four or five inches wide which allows them to go places other electric bikes cannot.  Conditions such as snow, mud, and sand are much easier to ride through on a fat tire e-bike.  No doubt, if you live near a beach or lake, you’ve seen fat tire electric bikes effortlessly gliding through the sand.

Aostirmotor A20 Folding Fat Tire 500W 36V Electric Bike

Featured E-Bike - Aostirmotor A20 Folding Fat Tire 500W 36V Electric Bike

Are Fat Tire E-Bikes Easy To Ride

Fat Tire E-Bikes are surprisingly easy to ride!  The wide tires make for a smooth ride.  They also provide more balance and support so first time riders can feel more confident when riding.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Fat Tire E-Bikes

Let’s start with the pros. As you read above, fat tires on an electric bike make it much easier when riding on rougher terrain. 

Fat tire e-bikes are also great for first time riders because of the smoother ride and better balance due to the wide tires.

Another pro for the fat tire e-bikes are the thicker tires which helps prevent punctured tires. If you’ve ever owner a skinny tire road bike, you can probably relate.  While fat tires are not puncture proof, you can definitely ride in confidence over jagged boulders and thick brush.

Fat tire e-bikes also provide much more traction that a tradition e-bike, allowing you to zip through those off road trails.

While there aren’t too many disadvantages to riding a fat tire e-bike, they can be more difficult to pedal without power.  The more contact with the ground causes more friction which can be slightly more taxing when using only pedal mode.

Are Fat Tire E-Bikes Safe

Of course, all electric bikes can be safe when ridden responsibly.  That being said, a fat tire e-bike is generally safer that a thin tire e-bike because of the ability to trek through just about any terrain.  The power from the motor allows you to climb steep hills that may be more dangerous without that extra burst of power. 

Fat tire e-bikes are also safer on wet pavement.  Having much more ground contact limits the bike from slipping out from under you and keeps you safely on the bike.

And don’t forget about your health in general.  A fat tire e-bike is perfect for all ages and allows much longer and more challenging rides that could contribute to muscle aches or joint pains you may get with an unpowered bike.

Featured E-Bike - Coastal Cruiser 750W Fat Tire Step Thru Cruiser

How Do I Know Which Fat Tire E-Bike Is Right For Me

There are fat tire e-bikes for every rider.  Fat tire e-bikes  come in every style to fit your riding.  You'll find step through fat tire e-bikes, fat tire electric mountain bikes, fat tire electric commuter bikes and fat tire folding bikes, allowing you an easy time finding a fat tire e-bike that’s perfect for you.


Fat tire e-bikes are one of the most popular types of electric bikes and you can’t go wrong with purchasing one.  The ease of ride and many options they offer allow riders of all ages and skill levels.