Rattan LM 750W Review: A Speedy, Good-Looking Fat-Tire, Folding E-Bike

Rattan LM 750W Review: A Speedy, Good-Looking Fat-Tire, Folding E-Bike

We love fat tire, folding bikes and the Rattan LF 750 is one of our favorite e-bikes on the market.  At right around $1300, the LF 750 is priced fairly for it’s advertised performance and specs.

First off, the bike is a very good-looking bike.  The all black is a super slick look but you can’t go wrong with the green or grey.  As with other bikes in this category, this folding e-bike aims for compactness, opting for smaller, twenty-inch wheels and multiple folding points.  And despite being able to fold down to a compact size small enough to fit in a car, when unfolded, the bike still feels sturdy and stable.  And the process for folding and unfolding is simple and quick.  Another thing we like are the small plastic clips which keep the latches in place.  While it may not be a big deal, it does give the rider a secure feeling, knowing the latches have no chance of opening.  And like most e-bikes, the seat and handlebars are adjustable to fit your height.

Components of the Rattan LF 750 are pretty standard on a bike of this price.  It comes with a seven speed Shimano drive train shifter, making shifting intuitive and reasonably smooth.  If you use the pedal assistance in the higher settings, you’ll probably only find yourself using gears 5-7 for most riding except steep hill climbing.  The bike comes with front and rear mechanical disk brakes, which work well for this bike.  The display is large and easy to read, even in bright sunlight.  You get all your standard information such as speed, trip distance and time, battery level, odometer, and riding mode.  It also has the unique feature of showing current motor output.

As the name suggests, the Rattan LF 750 comes with a 750-Watt rear hub motor.  This allows for speeds of up to 30 MPH and it gets there fairly quickly and is quite capable of handling any hill you may encounter in any city.  And the bike comes with both pedal assist and twist throttle.  The pedal assist kicks in quickly in about half a pedal stroke.  The bike has six riding modes including the “zero” riding mode which allows you to pedal with no assistance.  The 1-5 riding assist modes scale up evenly with a bit of a jump between mode two and three.  We found that mode three seemed to be that perfect balance between motor assistance and actually pedaling the bike.  In mode three, you’ll stay at a comfortable speed of about 20 MPH.  The twist throttle activates the motor from a stop to make quick takeoffs easy.  The LF 750 also offers a cruise control that kicks in after keeping the throttle at the same speed for a few seconds.

 The 13-amp hour battery will give you about 17 miles of range in the highest pedal assist setting, which would be considered its minimum range.  Riding in lower pedal assist mode will get you upwards of 35 miles of range.  With the seat removed, the battery is easily removeable.

Another feature we like is the padded rear set.  It also comes with metal footrests you can attach if ever he need for a second passenger.

The 20”x4” tires are one of the main selling points of this bike, offering stable altering riding.  The tires also function as a form of suspension for the bike.  It also comes with a front suspension fork as well as seat suspension which also helps offer a more comfortable ride.  All of this allows the LF 750 to handle most off-road terrain with relative ease.  It also performs well in sand and is a great bike for beach riding.

Interested in purchasing the Rattan LM 750 W?  Order yours HERE!