How Much Do Electric Bikes Cost?

How Much Do Electric Bikes Cost?

When it comes to purchasing an electric bike, one of the biggest concerns we hear is, “how much does an electric bike cost?”.  And most are surprised at just how affordable buying an electric bike can be! 

What you plan to use your bike for will often determine what the cost of an electric bike will be.  An everyday commuter bike used for going short distances will be much less that an electric mountain bike that will be used on hills and trails and take much more of a pounding than the commuter bikes. 

The quality of materials used will also affect cost.  Some of the higher end electric bikes are made of titanium or carbon in order to keep the weight of the bike down.  You’ll see most of these in electric mountain bikes or hunting bikes.  But most of the electric bikes will be made of steel.  Cheaper bikes are usually made of low-cost aluminum or iron.  And the electronics can also have an impact on your e bike cost.  An average e bike computer can range from $35 to over $700.

What About Maintenance?

Another factor you need to consider is your annual maintenance of your e bike.  You should be servicing your bike every  500 miles and the costs are usually around $75 - $100.  You’ll also need to replace your battery, which can cost anywhere from $350 - $800.  The good new is, your battery should last up to five years.

So How Much Do Electric Bikes Cost?

Still deciding which type of e bike to buy and how much it will cost?  The good news is there are great electric bikes available for under $1000.  But if top of the line is what you’re after, plan on spending $4000 - $8000.  Below are bikes by style and what you can expect to pay.

Electric Commuter Bikes

Electric commuter bikes are used for exactly what the name suggests.  Commuting.  That term will vary, depending on what commuting you do.  These bikes are often used to get riders to and from work and school as opposed to a car and are used almost every day.  Other commuters use their bike for occasional chores such as running to the store or library.  Either way, an electric commuter bike will be in the range of less than $1000and up to $3000.  Below is one of our best selling electric commuter bikes.



 Featured Product - Nakto 250W Camel City Men's Electric Bike

Electric Folding Bikes

Electric folding bikes are generally found in the commuter bike category.  Why someone would purchase a folding electric bike versus a traditional commuter bike is because of space.  Electric folding bikes are a great fit for people who plan on taking the bike on trips and want to store it in their trunk or camper.  There are also boaters who enjoy bring a folding bike they can use on land and pack back up when back on the boat.  These bikes are also great for someone who rides the bus for part of their commute.  An electric folding bike can be taken on the bus and easily unfolded once off to finish your commute.  Electric folding bikes will range from $800 to $3000.  Below is one of our best selling electric folding bikes.

 Rattan LM 750W Foldable Fat Tire Ebike


Featured Product - Rattan LM 750W Foldable Fat Tire Ebike

Electric Mountain Bike

Electric Mountain Bikes are going to be your higher priced e bikes.  This is due to what people use them for.  Mountain bikes need lots of power to climb steep hills, power through sand and mud and tackle long inclines.  This means more power is needed than your commuter bikes.  Electric mountain bikes also take more of a pounding, requiring shock absorbers and strong frames.  The average cost for an electric mountain bike can be as low as $1000 and as high as $7000. Below is of our best selling electric mountain bikes.

Aostirmotor S18 All Terrain 1500 48V Mountain Electric Bike - Snakeskin

Featured Product - Aostirmotor S18 All Terrain 1500 48V Mountain Electric Bike - Snakeskin