Best Electric Mountain Bikes of 2023

Best Electric Mountain Bikes of 2023

There are a lot of reasons for purchasing your new electric mountain bike.  Maybe you've been away from the sport for a while and are looking to get back in.  For many of us, there are a number of reasons we stopped heading to the trails for a good run.  Injuries, health, age and trail difficulty can all contribute.  But thanks to these powerful new generation of mountain bikes, we can all enjoy a nice, challenging outdoor ride.

What To Look For When Choosing An Electric Bike


Because of the obvious difference between your standard commuter rides and the often hilly, sandy and obstacles a trail can offer, it's important to look for power and torque.  We recommend at least 500 watts of power and 60 meters of torque.  That's about double the recommendation for commuter bikes but will allow a much more enjoyable ride.


The last thing you want to have happen is being in the middle of a ride and lose power.  That's why it's important to look for a bike with a large battery capacity.  Keep in mind that things such as rider weight, riding conditions and elevation can all contribute to battery range.  That said, look for a bigger battery if you want a nice, long day on the trails.


There's probably nothing more important for a comfortable ride than suspension. While there are some electric mountain bikes made for easy trails and offer no suspension, we prefer at least a good, front suspension system and preferable a rear suspension as well.


Because of the nature of mountain biking, your transmission will be extremely vital to getting you up all the hills that come your way.  That's why the more gears, the better.  For your normal mountain conditions, we recommend a minimum of eight gears.

The Best Electric Mountain Bikes

Aostirmotor S18 All Terrain 750W 48V Mountain Electric Bike

Take on your next outdoor adventure with this powerful Aostirmotor S18 All-Terrain Mountain Electric Bike. This model is equipped with a 750W motor and a 48V 15Ah lithium battery and it is designed with advanced technology to provide the best riding experience.

The Aostirmotor S18 750W 48V Mountain Electric Bike is built for riding on any terrain you can throw at it. It comes with full suspension to provide a comfortable riding experience and a strong power drive. The 6061 aluminum alloy frame is also strong and durable to last you a long time.


Ecotric Bison - Wild, Passion, Conquer All Roads

What adjectives would you use to describe an Ecotric Bison? Wild, strong, and tough, just like our Ecotric Bison electric bikes. Not only does it have a Mozo hydraulic shock suspension in the front, but it also has a high-performance shock absorber in the middle for a highly comfortable ride. And also equipped with a market rare 48V 17.6ah super-capacity lithium battery to let you unleash the real wild in your heart as long as you want. With the Ecotric Bison, you can ride comfortably on all types of terrains like sand, mud, dirt trails, tarmac, and even snow. There is nothing that can stop you from being a wild beast!

2022 Mukkpet Compass CX500

The Mukkpet Compass is a rugged, yet lightweight, 500W Mountain Electric Bike that comes fully equipped with a digital display, regenerative torque braking system, a fast-charge mode, and a storage deck. Available in various colors, it's the perfect travel bicycle for any adventure-seeking adrenaline junkies.  And for under $1000, this is one of the best electric mountain bikes of 2022.



Engineered for backcountry adventures, the full-suspension RidgeRunner eBike can conquer the planet’s most extreme trails and terrain. The RidgeRunner is the ultimate off-road fat tire electric mountain bike with a superior Fire-Link suspension system—a true four-bar linkage—making it extremely capable even when the going gets rough.



Fly with "The Gull" Electric Mountain Bicycle, all you feel is light, elegant, and free. You are indeed flying without wings. Our electric bikes can satisfy almost all your fantasies about electric bikes. Sturdy, durable, agile, and elegant in design, the Ecotric Seagull captures the essence of a bird’s flight in every aspect, making it one of the best electric bikes on the market. The unique straight sloping upper tube imitates the likes of a seagull ready to take off. It even has a front suspension, and it absorbs a lot of vibrate from the ground. So whether you want to ride it for your daily commute or go camping or outings, there are no other options better than our Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bicycle.

Rattan Pathfinder 750W Mountain Ebike

Rattan Pathfinder 750W Mountain Ebike

Lightweight Yet Powerful: The Aluminum Alloy frame on the Rattan Pathfinder is light to maneuver, yet 750W brushless motor with 48V 13AH battery is powerful enough to conquer all terrains. - Energy Saving To Travel Further: Patent I-PAS Technology allows the bike travel up to 60miles per charge, which is 83% more efficient than the others. - Enhanced 750W Motor ---The mountain E-bike Rattan Pathfinder is equipped with 750W high-speed brushless motor, providing more than enough to power your daily commute, a cruise on the mountain, or a meander along your favorite trail.