Benefits of E Bikes

Benefits of E Bikes

As gas prices soar and people look for cheaper forms of transportation, sales of electric bikes have skyrocketed.  According to the National Institute for Transportation and Communities, 50% of all electric bike trips are ones that replace car trips, making e Bikes one of the most popular transportation solutions. Combine the low cost of purchasing a bike versus a vehicle as well as money saved on fuel and the environmental impact and you can see why e Bikes are an obvious choice.

When we purchased our first e Bike three years ago, it was strictly as a replacement to a mountain bike to allow us to go further and get through some difficult trails.¬† Seeing the benefits on the trails lead us to think about buying a couple commuter bikes to use around town so, two years later, we decided to do it!¬† The gas we save alone on trips to the store, rides to the gym and visiting friends in town has allowed us never to look back.¬† And now that are neighboring cities are adding a 66 mile ‚ÄúSuperhighway‚ÄĚ that will be connecting multiple cities, I can already imagine how many more people will opt for this new mode of transportation.

Another thought to keep in mind when considering eBikes versus cars is the environmental impact eBikes have compared to that of a gas-powered vehicle. Electric bikes are as energy efficient as a toaster. E-bikes don't emit toxic fumes because they run on electricity and battery power - not gasoline and engine oil. Electric bikes use batteries that charge via a standard wall outlet - just like your toaster - and don't leave bad environmental footprint. You'll find that your e-bike is energy efficient, doesn't emit toxic fumes, and has a more positive impact on the environment than your car or motorcycle.

"We’ll cut to the chase: electric bicycles, like their traditional counterparts, are much better for the environment than cars. In fact, electric bikes are six times more energy efficient than even rail transit, and their environmental impact echoes that of traditional bikes.

According to National Geographic, motor vehicles produce more than 30% of carbon dioxide, 80% of carbon monoxide, and 50% of nitrogen oxide emissions each year in the US. Much of this pollution is produced by commuters making short trips from home to work and back, and switching to an electric bicycle for these commutes cuts down on a huge amount of harmful emissions and fossil fuel usage." - Green Future

 Besides the above mentioned benefits,eBikes truly put the FUN in functional. Whenever you're ready to fly, just hop on your eBike and go. It's like having the wind at your back on demand. With the breeze in your hair and sun on your face, your inner kid at heart will love rekindling the joy and freedom of your first set of wheels as you fly to your destination. Getting from A to B has never been this much fun.

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